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Vice President of Support for
Affected Families and
Incarcerated Individuals

Ms. Kathy Dunbar started volunteering as a prison reform advocate with TPAA in 2020 as a member of the social media team and continues to work tirelessly in this role with TPCA. She recently became an administrator of the TPCA Facebook social media group, where she works with affected family members. Ms. Dunbar became the Vice President of Support for Affected Families and Incarcerated Individuals in January of 2022.

Ms. Dunbar has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Open University and obtained her Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Coventry. Kathy's heart for marginalized individuals is seen in her advocacy and in her work as a health care professional in a residential unit for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Ms. Dunbar is passionate about advocating for changes to the inhumane conditions in Texas prisons, along with reforming the Law of Parties and abolishing the death penalty. She is willing and able to speak up for people who feel they have no voice. In her current role as Vice President of Affected Families and Incarcerated Individuals Support, Kathy is working in conjunction with our Director of Family Mediators, Tatiana Santollo, and her team of family mediators. Kathy works with the resource department to develop resources for currently incarcerated individuals and supervises letter responses. She assists in developing curriculum and training for affected family members and is TPCA's liaison with TDCJ's executive staff concerning system-wide issues and policy. 

In her free time, Kathy spends time with her horse, Buddy.

Family Mediators

Family mediators are volunteers who are here to help families mitigate Prison Condition issues with their loved ones within the TDCJ units. They accomplish this by educating the affected family members and acting as liaisons between affected family members, unit wardens, and various TDCJ administrative personnel under the direction of TPCA Family Mediator Director Tatiana Santollo. Our Family Mediators are focused on the units within a given TDCJ region.
Tatiana Santollo MA, MSL
 Family Mediator Director
Melissa Riana
Region I Leader
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 Region II Leader
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Region III Leader
Patrick Capps
Region V Leader
Courtney Schisser
Region IV Leader
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Region VI Leader