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TPCA Family Mediators

Need help with navigating the TDCJ system? Under the direction Director of Family Support, Tatiana Santollo and Assistant Director Rebeca Alvarez our Family Mediators are volunteers who help affected families navigate their advocacy needs of their loved ones within the TDCJ units. They accomplish this by educating the affected family members and acting as liaisons between affected family members, unit wardens, and various TDCJ administrative personnel. Our Family Mediators are focused on the units within a given TDCJ region. They are trained to guide family members through the process of advocating for their incarcerated loved ones.
If you need assistance prepare to learn and please click on and thoroughly fill out the form below.

Director of Family Support 
Tatiana Santollo, MA, MSL

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Assistant Director of Family Support 
Rebeca Alvarez

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 Region I Mediator & Mentor
Melissa Riana
  • Byrd Unit (Huntsville)

  • Ellis Unit (Huntsville area)

  • Estelle Unit (Huntsville area)

  • East Texas Treatment Facility (Henderson) 

  • Ferguson Unit (Midway)

  • Goree Unit (Huntsville)

  • Lewis Unit (Woodville)

  • Polunsky Unit (Livingston)

 Region I Mediator
Kayla Hartness
 Region I Mediator
Lisa Stocker
  • Wainwright Unit-Lovelady

  • Wynne Unit (Huntsville)

  • Duncan Unit (Diboll)

  • Goodman Unit (Jasper)

  • Holliday Unit (Huntsville)

  • Huntsville Unit

 Region II Mediator
A.J Clay

 Region II Mediator
Jennifer Valdez
-Se habla español-
 Region II Mediator
Hailey Robinson


  • Coffield Unit (Palestine area)

  • Hodge DDP Unit (Rusk)

  • Johnston SAFPF (Winnsboro)

  • Moore, C. Unit (Bonham)

  • Skyview Psychiatric Unit (Rusk)

  • Telford Unit (New Boston)

  • Beto Unit (Palestine)

  • Boyd Unit (Teague)

  • Cole State Jail (Bonham)

  • Hutchins State Jail (Dallas)

  • Michael Unit (Palestine area)

  • Powledge Unit (Palestine)

 Region III Mediator & Mentor
Jennifer McMahon
Region III Mediator
Julie Chappell
Region III Mediator
Christine Rios
  • Terrell Unit (Rosharon)

Region IV Mediator
Alicia Bevel


  • Fort Stockton Unit (Fort Stockton)

  • Glossbrenner SAFPF (San Diego)

  • Lopez State Jail (Edinburg)

  • Ney Unit (Hondo)

  • Segovia Unit (Edinburg)

  • Stevenson Unit (Cuero)

  • Torres Unit (Hondo)

  • McConnell Unit (Beeville)

Region IV Mediator
Jessica Allen
  • Briscoe Unit (Dilley)

  • Connally Unit (Kenedy)

  • Cotulla Unit (Cotulla)

  • Dominguez State Jail (San Antonio)

  • Garza West Unit (Beeville)

  • Lynaugh Unit (Fort Stockton)

  • Sanchez State Jail (El Paso)

Region V Mediator
Patrick Capps
Region V Mediator
Meli Mata
-Se habla español-
Region V Mediator
Traci Struck
  • Allred Unit (Wichita Falls Area)

  • Dalhart Unit (Hartley)

  • Formby State Jail (Plainview)

  • Jordan Unit (Pampa)

  • Montford/W. Tx Hospital (Lubbock)

  • Wheeler State Jail (Plainview)

  • Clements Unit (Amarillo)

  • Daniel Unit (Snyder)

  • Roach Unit (Childress)

  • Montford Psychiatric Unit (Lubbock)

  • Wallace Unit (Colorado City)

  • Mechler Unit (Tulia)

  • Smith Unit (Lamesa)

  • Clements Unit (Amarillo)

Region VI Mediator
Donna Gail

 Region VI Mediator
Cassandra Hernandez


  • Alfred Hughes Unit (Gatesville)

  • Luther Unit (Navasota)

  • Pack Unit (Navasota)

  • Havins Unit (Brownwood)

  • Sayle SAFPF (Breckenridge)

  • Travis Co. State Jail (Austin)

  • Hamilton Unit (Bryan)

  • Middleton Unit (Abilene)

  • Robertson Unit (Abilene)

Women's Units Mediator
Laura Garcia

  • Crain Unit (Gatesville)

  • Halbert SAFPF (Burnet)

  • Henley State Jail (Dayton)

  • Hilltop Unit (Gatesville)

  • Hobby Unit (Marlin)

  • Marlin Unit (Marlin)

  • Mountain View Unit (Gatesville)

  • Lane Murray Unit (Gatesville)

  • Plane State Jail (Dayton)

  • Woodman State Jail (Gatesville)

  • San Saba Unit (San Saba)

  • Carol Young Medical Facility (Galveston)

Private Facilities Mediator
Raquel Romo
-Se habla español-
  • Bell (Cleveland)

  • Bradshaw (Henderson)

  • Bridgeport (Bridgeport)

  • Coleman Unit (Lockhart)

  • Diboll (Diboll)

  • Estes (Venus)

  • Kyle (Kyle)

  • Moore, B. (Overton))

  • Lindsey (Jacksboro)

  • Willacy County (Raymondville)

 General Family Mediator
Deborah Haley
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