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About Us

TPCA’s Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support impacted family members and incarcerated individuals, increase awareness, and empower all through education, collaboration, and connection to organizational resources, thereby creating effective advocates prepared to advance humane conditions within the Texas Prisons.

TPCA’s Vision

TPCA strives to address systemic and systematic oppression within the Texas Prisons by amplifying the voices of those impacted and through research and grassroots mobilization of people from all walks of life, focusing them on strategies that create effective policy change. We believe that by addressing the false narratives that contribute to the public justification of environmentally hazardous and inhumane prison conditions, we are contributing to a needed paradigm shift of social change, improving the entire system for both impacted families and those incarcerated, and making a case for a reduction in the use of mass incarceration and a closure of many of the excess Texas prison facilities. Our objective is to hold those in authority accountable for inhumane conditions and ensure that they maintain safe and humane standards that promote incarcerated individuals’ well-being within all TDCJ facilities. We hope that our work in Texas will be utilized as a nationwide model for effective change and that this model will ensure that incarcerated individuals and family members are treated with dignity and respect, creating a major transformation in the current prison system.

This model includes

1. Connecting individuals to organizational resources and support regarding inhumane prison conditions.

2. Empower and Educate Family members and Incarcerated individuals for Advocacy.

3. Increase public awareness of detrimental prison conditions within TDCJ facilities.

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