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Extreme Temperatures
"Beat the Heat"

Texas is known for its extreme heat, but in recent years we have dealt with frigid temperatures as well. Texas jail standards require temperature control between 65 and 85 degrees in all Texas jails. TPCA has been fighting to require those same standards for all Texas prisons. The extreme temperatures are deadly and affect the health and mental well-being of all who work and live in the prison system. Unfortunately, lives have been lost, and many, both staff and population members, are suffering with permanent health damage. These inhumane conditions MUST change! 

If the AC broke in your home, how long would you wait to get it fixed?!?

You can help in this fight for humane temperatures. 

What can you do?

Take action now!

The fight for humane temperatures is not just being fought in Texas. While it is true that Texas experiences more extreme heat conditions over longer time periods each year than most of the US does, climate change and extreme temperatures have begun to affect all prisons across the United States. 

Our partners at the University of Colorado Boulder, through "The Resilient Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity IRT (RISE) will converge and leverage new developments and world-class expertise in disaster resilience, sustainable design, and social justice across engineering and the CU Boulder campus."  This exhibit was produced by Shawhin Roudbari PhD, Benjamin Barron (PhD Candidate) and their student team and impactfully showcases the intersection of climate change and US prisons and the danger that exists for imprisoned American citizens. 

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Attached to this exhibit was a recording of statements from incarcerated Americans talking about their personal experiences with the conditions and climate of the units they lived in. Click the play button to the left to hear their powerful words. 

Affected Family 
Heat Resources

Click here to access the resources that TPCA has to help you advocate for your loved ones.

Did you know that the TDCJ pig barns have AC but the people barns do not!?!

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