Extreme Temperatures

Texas is known for its extreme heat, but in recent years we have dealt with frigid temperatures as well. Texas jail standards require temperature control between 65 and 85 degrees in all Texas jails. TPCA has been fighting to require those same standards for all Texas prisons. The extreme temperatures are deadly and affect the health and mental well-being of all who work and live in the prison system. Unfortunately, lives have been lost, and many, both staff and population members, are suffering with permanent health damage. These inhumane conditions MUST change! 

If the AC broke in your home, how long would you wait to get it fixed?!?

You can help in this fight for humane temperatures. Click below for an editable letter to email to your legislators. Upon entering your address, the form will determine who your specific Representative and Senator is. This message will also be sent to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott. You can send it as is or add your thoughts. 

Affected Family 
Heat Resources

Click here to access the resources that TPCA has to help you advocate for your loved ones.

Did you know that the TDCJ pig barns have AC but the people barns do not!?!

Public Involvement Resources

Click here to access the resources that TPCA has to help you advocate for change in Texas Prisons.

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