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At this time, TPCA is a volunteer-run organization.   There are many ways that you can get involved.  TPCA has several teams and areas of need: social media, mediators for the incarcerated and for affected families, fundraising, research,   events, TPCA Ambassadors, and administration.   Below are brief descriptions of the type of work in each area. If you are interested in volunteering, please review the departments, then scroll to the bottom and fill out our volunteer form and someone will be in touch with you. 

Social Media team members work to inform and educate affected families and the public through TPCA's media platforms. Currently, there are platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.  Media team members create, schedule, and monitor media releases and when events or legislative activities are going on, media team members help inform our group members and the public about what actions they can take to assist the cause. 
  • Family Mediators work to assist affected families by educating them on how to advocate and by being a liaison and second set of ears for communication with TDCJ.
  • Mediators for the Incarcerated work with population members inside of TDCJ through letters and assist them with direct communication with TDCJ when authorized and by offering information on TDCJ policies and processes. 
Fundraising team members research fundraising opportunities, assist with grant writing, help create and run fundraising events like our Raffle and work to generate funds to help achieve the mission and vision of TPCA.
Research team members do short and long-term research projects. The data sourced through these projects help create reports and white papers that support the mission and vision of TPCA. Sometimes this work is in conjunction with some of our academic and advocacy partners.
Events team members help find venues and plan for our Awareness Events. They are also involved in planning conferences, webinars, workshops, and panels. 
TPCA Ambassadors help spread the mission and vision of TPCA by assisting the social media team in sharing information in specific and targeted ways.

Administrators are needed to help manage the scanning of the letters that TPCA receives from incarcerated people and also to assist teams with admin-related work, document preparation, document updating, record keeping and more. 

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