TPCA Leadership 

Amite Dominick, PhD
Tatiana Campos MA, MSL
 Family Mediator Director

Family Mediators 

Family Mediators are volunteers who are here to help families mitigate Temperature Related and Medical Issues with their Loved ones within the TDCJ Units. They accomplish this by educating the family members and acting as Liaisons between Family members, Unit Wardens, and various TDCJ Administrative personnel.
     Melissa Riana     
Region I Leader
Wendy Hattaway    
 Region II Leader
Christie Prichett
Region III Leader
Tatiana Campos MA, MSL
Region IV Leader
Patrick Capps
Region V Leader
            Kelly Riley           
Region VI Leader

Polticial Team Leaders

Political Team Leaders are volunteers who along with their teams, drive relationship building with political officials with the purpose of bringing awareness to detrimental prison conditions and establishing legislation for medical and humane temperatures.
Linda Louden
Political Team Leader
Kelly Riley
Political Team Leader
Arline Wiloughby
Political Team Leader