For far too long families of incarcerated loved ones have been often times a closed group shunned by members of society.  This has caused many of us to suffer in silence along with our incarcerated loved ones.  As a consequence of this silence, many of our Legislators are unaware of the truth of our reality. Therefore, TPCA would like to strongly encourage you to BE THE VOICE!  This situation won’t change unless we let the people who have the power and authority to make changes know what is going on behind the Prison walls. The time is NOW! With the 2021 legislative session in full swing , it is imperative that we ACT NOW if we want to influence a change.  We have included several resources on this page to assist you with "BEING THE VOICE" by contacting the Politicians in your area. You can do this by writing, calling, or by making an appointment to meet with them. 


For those of you who might want to utilize a more targeted approach, we also added links for the Committees relevant to the cause.

House and Senate Relevant Committees

Senate Committee on Finance

Monitoring and planning for the institution's financial position and financial control systems is normally undertaken by a finance committee. Its role is key to ensuring that the governing body discharges its financial responsibilities correctly and that the institution remains financially viable at all times.

Criminal Justice Committee

Senate Criminal Justice Committee is responsible for creating and monitoring bills with respect to Criminal Justice.

Corrections Committee

Corrections Committee has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to: (1)  the incarceration and rehabilitation of convicted felons; (2)  the establishment and maintenance of programs that provide alternatives to incarceration; and (3)  the following state agencies:  the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Special Prosecution Unit, the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Texas Civil Commitment Office, and the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments.

Appropriations Committee

Appropriations basically allocate funds based on bills and decide where the money is spent in regards to claims and accounts.  

Writing your Representatives

Even though TPCA encourages everyone to write letters to their Representatives, we also know that writing letters is sometimes not such an easy task. There also may be many questions that come along with writing a letter. For example: What do the letters need to say? What should I not say? So because of this, we have added a few example letters. We hope they will help you with your letter writing.

Meeting your Representatives

When scheduling an appointment to meet with State representatives it can be difficult at times, just like when writing letters. We may be unsure of the things we need to discuss. Therefore, TPCA prepared what we call our "Fact Sheet". The "Fact Sheet" is a short summary of the Heat issue within TDCJ and how it needs to change. It lists facts and also experiences from people behind those walls. Please feel free to print  and share . We also have included a even shorter 1 page document.  We recommend handing the one page document to the your Senators or Representatives and giving the comprehensive packet to their Staffer.