About Us

History and Accomplishments

Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA) was birthed from a desire to advocate for more humane conditions within the Texas Prisons.  

We believe aggressive changes, such as regulating temperature standards between 65° and 85° within all of TDCJ’s Prison facilities, are much needed and are long overdue. TPCA works to bring awareness to the public, educating family members and incarcerated individuals in advocacy, and in authoring and fighting for legislation to improve prison conditions.  TPCA works with legislators to progress historical legislation joining Texas prisons under the same temperature standards that Texas jails are governed by which is to maintain 65 to 85 degrees in all its facilities.  

TPCA also advocates for various Medical issues and Contaminated Water. TPCA has formed partnerships with other advocacy organization in an effort to fulfill our vision, train family members, and connected family members and incarcerated individuals and organizations.