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How Important is Research? 

Research is the backbone of how TPCA educates the public, informs our legislators, and helps affected families advocate for change. There are many avenues for information. As you review our Research Library, you will find articles, videos, reports, surveys, dissertations, thesis, and white papers. TPCA has its own research department and also works in partnership with Dr. Carlee Purdum and Dr. Benika Dixon of Texas A&M. We are excited to work with other researchers in the academic realm as we continue to grow the research department. 

Some of the research-related documents that TPCA has been part of developing that we are proud of are the Cost Savings Report and The Extreme Heat and Covid-19 in Texas Prisons report by Dr. Purdum which uses data from heat surveys generously received from incarcerated individuals. Without their participation, this report would not be possible.

The research department also spends time following trends so that we can inform the public about what is really going on inside Texas prisons. We have tracked suicides, officer turnover rates, Covid-29 infection rates and deaths, and of course, extreme temperatures due to the lack of air conditioning in most of Texas' prisons.

We hope that this Research Library helps you discover the issues of inhumane prison conditions and educates and empowers you to be part of much-needed change. If you have any questions, TPCA's research team is here to get the answers.

As you begin your discovery here is a great article about how poor prison conditions make us all less safe. 

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