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Heat News 

Heat in Texas Prisons

Prison turnover leaves units understaffed
Cooking them to death the lethal toll of hot prisons
TDCJ Violation Basic Human Rights report finds
Texas Prison heat air-conditioning costs
Three reasons prisons and extreme heat are a volatile mix
Texas Prisons begin efforts to move inmates back
Rising temperatures can kill Texas prisoners, Corrections
ignored say a federal judge
TDCJ defends no air-conditioning in unbearably hot prisons
in federal court
Texas complaint filed over contaminated water conditions
at Eastham unit
Well water contaminated with arsenic
Texas Eastham unit water supply shut completely off
Eastham prison officials refuse to provide ice and water to
prisoners trapped in Ad Seg
Texas prison heat air-condtioning costs
Texas spends millions to fix old prisons before becoming
a public safety issue
Texas must air condition prisons basic humanities sake
Law clinic study shows dangerous conditions in Texas
sweltering prisons
Heat wave sparks concern in sweltering Texas 
10 Treated for heat-related illnesses in a 10 day period,
Texas prison officials say
Air-Conditioning could extend to Texas inmates
Reckless indifference extreme heat Texas prisons
Deadly extreme heat deliberate indifference inside Texas
prison culture neglect abuse
10 Treated for heat-related illnesses over a ten day period in
Texas prisons
How Extreme heat in Texas prisons can kill
Lawsuits over prisoner deaths in hot Texas prisons

Heat and Violence

Health/Climate violence 
How does climate affect violence researchers offer
a new theory


Weather dangerous nighttime temperatures heat
Climate information/climate change and variability
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