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Giving Tuesday

Radical Generosity, of course, is a concept that extends beyond financial giving. However, TPCA is a non-profit organization, and all of our funding comes from the generosity of financial supporters . Giving Tuesday is a global movement to encourage everyone to think about what it takes to make change happen. There are many costs in time, effort, energy, and of course financial costs. Please consider setting up a reoccurring donation to TPCA by clicking the button below. 


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If you have a heart for radical generosity, but don't have the financial ability to give at this time, we understand. These are economically difficult times. We see your heart and want you to know that there are many ways to give that don't require a financial commitment. Sharing the mission and goal with others and asking them to give helps. Sharing our memes and action letters is another "Way to Help" us achieve the change we MUST see to the conditions in Texas Prisons. Click the button below to learn about other "Ways to Help"

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