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Introducing TPCA's
Adopt A Community

TPCA has existed primarily virtually until now. As part of fulfilling our mission of bringing empowerment, education, and resources to marginalized communities, we are adopting communities throughout the state of Texas. As part of our grassroots movement strategies, it is important that we connect face-to-face and walk with you in your communities. The first community we are adopting is Edgewood in San Antonio, Texas. 

Incarceration often causes a lack of resources and dramatically affects the entire family unit. "Half of people in prison are parents to minors, leaving 1.25 million kids struggling to cope. Altogether, parents in state prison reported roughly 1.25 million minor children, meaning the number of people in state prison almost exactly mirrors the number of impacted minor children. (Prison Policy Initiative) "Texas has more than 200,000 individuals incarcerated in jails and prisons, and approximately 477,000 children in Texas has experienced the incarceration of a parent at some point in their lives." (Center for Justice Initiative)  Edgewood is the poorest district in San Antonio and has a proportionally higher potential for being system impacted. 

As part of our support for this community we will be holding community meetings and resources will be community driven. Some of these resources will be connecting this community to trainings, and other organizations and agencies.

Children are the greatest gift and the core of every family. They are on our hearts regularly, and when Martha Torres of Ladies of Valor Empowerment came to us and asked us to consider partnering with her organization to help children we said YES! Ladies of Valor Empowerment has been supporting this community and its children for the past 10 years. 

If you would like to know more about the effects of incarceration on families, check out the #I'mAffected Campaign



If you would like to support this community, there are several ways to participate. You can sponsor, donate, host an activity, be a vendor, or showcase your organization by tabling. Click below to find out more.

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