MRIS Program

The Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI) provides pre-release screening and referral to aftercare treatment services for special needs offenders releasing from correctional settings, local jails, or other referral sources. TCOOMMI contracts with Local Mental Health Authorities across the state to provide continuity of care services for persons on probation or parole by linking them with community based interventions and support services.

•Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision

•Eligible offenders may be considered for early release who pose minimal public safety risk, from incarceration to more cost effective alternatives.

•Mental Health Continuity of Care*

•Adult Case Management

•Adult Continuity of Care

•Jail Diversion

•Juvenile Probation Case Management

•TJJD Continuity of Care Services

•Medical Continuity of Care

•TCOOMMI staff may secure resources in the community for releasing offenders identified for special needs referrals and services.

•Wrongfully Imprisoned Program

•Provides case management services and linkages to medical, dental and mental health services as well as transitional services for those persons released from TDCJ custody who have served all or part of a sentence and were subsequently granted an actual finding of innocence by the courts.

*During the 85th Legislature, SB 1326 required TCOOMMI to approve a form regarding mental illness assessment and written notification to the magistrate. Additionally, the 86th Legislature required changes to the form through HB 601. The updated form approved by TCOOMMI can be found here.

*During the 84th Legislature HB 1908 was passed which amended existing legislation regarding mental health continuity of care by adding delusional disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder as well as any other diagnosed severe and persistent mental health disorder as categories to be served, subject to available resources and the extent feasible.