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Support Department 
For Affected Families and Incarcerated Persons

At TPCA, we know that navigating the TDCJ system can sometimes be confusing and difficult for all. We currently provide a two-pronged approach to assisting, empowering and educating those who are system impacted.
Under the direction of  Ms. Tatiana Santollo, our Family Support team educates affected family members through a variety of training strategies and includes Volunteer Family mediators who act as liaisons between affected family members, unit wardens, and various TDCJ administrative personnel.
Our Support for Incarcerated Persons team, under the direction of Ms. Kathy Dunbar, corresponds and assists with the advocacy needs of Incarcerated Persons (via the mail system) with her team of Volunteer Mediators for Incarcerated Persons who act as liaisons between affected family members unit wardens, and various TDCJ administrative personnel. As a means of empowering those who are incarcerated, Kathy also oversees teams of incarcerated persons who desire to be more active in advocacy. 
As TPCA believes in a trauma informed approach and amplifying the voices of those who are impacted, our support department is the driving force for TPCA's policy decisions and recommendations.

Director of Family Support 
Tatiana Santollo, MA, MSL

-Se habla español-
Tatiana Santollo, became involved and has worked in advocacy since 2016 while working for the Innocence Project at Texas Southern University as a Senior Paralegal. During her time at the Innocence Project, she was a Family mediator for TPAA in 2018, and then Director of Family Mediators for TPAA in 2019. Ms. Santollo is currently the Director of Family Support where she directs her team of Mediators & manages TPCA Unit-Support Groups.  Tatiana is a driving force for TPCA's policy and program recommendations for TDCJ. Tatiana is a California native, born and raised in Long Beach, California. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University and has a double Master’s degree in Psychology and Legal studies from Ashford University and the University of Southern California Gould school of law. While employed as a trial paralegal, she transitioned into criminal law and worked for non-profits such as Lone Star Legal Aid, where there she found her passion to help incarcerated individuals. Tatiana is also a member of the Texas Bar Association Paralegal Division. Her fight to give incarcerated individuals both men and women a voice regarding inhumane conditions, as well as focusing on bringing in more rehabilitation and education programs to reduce the rate of recidivism. Tatiana is also Bilingual and speaks, reads, and writes Spanish fluently.

Support for
Incarcerated Persons

Under the direction of TPCA Director of Mediators for Incarcerated Persons, Kathy Dunbar, our Mediators for Incarcerated Individuals team assists with the advocacy needs of incarcerated individuals via our mail correspondence. This team of volunteer Mediators often assists by acting as liaisons between incarcerated individuals, unit wardens, and various TDCJ administrative personnel, providing our available resource documents, and offering referrals to incarcerated individuals who reach out to us. Our Mediators for Incarcerated Persons work behind the scenes and are focused on the units within a given TDCJ region.

Director of Support for
Incarcerated Persons
Kathy Dunbar, MA

Ms. Kathy Dunbar is passionate about advocating for changes to the inhumane conditions in Texas prisons, along with reforming the Law of Parties and abolishing the death penalty. She is willing and able to speak up for people who feel they have no voice. Her work in advocacy spans over 5 yrs and her previous volunteer advocacy includes working on a variety of topics. Prior to her work with TPCA she volunteered for other organizations from 2018 to early 2021. Kathy began her efforts with TPCA as a member of the social media team and assisted in a variety of projects and continues to work tirelessly in her current role as Director with TPCA where she develops resources for currently incarcerated individuals and supervises letter responses and assists in developing curriculum and training for affected family members. Ms. Dunbar is instrumental in driving TPCA's policy and program recommendations for TDCJ based on her communication with incarcerated individuals.
Ms. Dunbar has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Open University and obtained her Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Coventry. Kathy's heart for marginalized individuals is seen in her advocacy and in her work as a healthcare professional in a residential unit for individuals with intellectual disabilities. 
In her free time, Kathy spends time with her horse, Buddy.

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