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We are happy you are here Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA)!   Please take a good look around to see how you can GET INVOLVED. Fill out a CONTACT FORM to get on our messaging list. And don't forget the RESOURCES TAB. There is so much information there to help you advocate for CHANGE in the Texas prison system.

Representative Terry Canales filed our new Humane Temperature Bill HB88! Senator Menendez has filed its sister bill SB43.! Fall Session only lasts 30 days so the time to act is now!


Here are some key points for advocacy.


1. The bill is asking for both AC and an air purification system. Covid-19 is a big problem in the Texas prison system. Air purification systems, such as the iWave, which are already being used in some of TDCJ's facilities, would cut down on Covid-19 spread and save lives. The iWave system is 94-99% effective against Covid-19.


2. The air purification system has to be connected to an AC system.


3. This bill requires that temperatures be maintained at 65 to 85 degrees in all TDCJ facilities following the  Texas Jail Standards which have been in place since 1977.


4. We are asking for federal stimulus funds (ARPA) to pay for this.


7. Click the button below to send a letter to your legislators.    




This button takes you to a pre written, editable letter that you can email to your politicians. Please let them know how the HEAT and Covid-19 in Texas prisons affects you and your loved ones


8. Opportunities to give public testimony will be upon us quickly. Please consider coming to Austin to testify and advocate for this bill. In the House there will be opportunity to give written testimony. HB1971 received overwhelming support and passed the house floor during regular session. Our prior bill was not heard in the Senate. We need you to show up and advocate for this new bill, HB88, in Austin at the Capitol building.


Keep watching our social media platforms for instructions, further actions, important dates and announcements. 

Use this one-pager to inform your political officials.

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TPCA believes that no person should have to endure torturous heat, contaminated water, nutritiously lacking food, or medical indifference. 

Compassionate Release  and MRIS

TPCA believes that population members sould be released when they are to debilitated to commit further crimes. Furthermore recidivism rates as a persons age decrease while the cost of their care increases. 

Solitary Confinement
or Seg

TPCA believes that the practice of solitary confinement is morally wrong, mentally debilitating, social stunting and the use of it must be substantially reduced.

The Solution

TPCA educates and trains families to advocate for their incarcerated loved ones. We educate the general public about inhumane prison conditions through social media and events. We work with lawmakers and policymakers to create positive change in the Texas prison system.