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History and Accomplishments

Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA) began as Texas Prisons Air Conditioning Advocates (TPAA), and was founded by President Casey Phillips, May 29, 2018, as a Facebook group. Casey and her Husband had been deeply impacted as a family by inhumane temperatures and detrimental Medical conditions that exist within the prison system.  We began with the purpose of advocating for inmates, and their families, and others regarding the torture due to the extreme temperatures within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison’s (TDCJ). TPCA has recruited and trained hundreds of impacted family members to become advocates for justice reform in their communities.

We believe aggressive changes such as, regulating temperature standards between 65° and 85° within all of TDCJ’s Prison facilities, are much needed and are long overdue. TPCA has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the public, educating family members and incarcerated individuals in advocacy, and in authoring and fighting for legislation to improve prison conditions. Before TPCA, no Humane Temperature Bills had ever been proposed in the Texas legislative body. TPCA worked with legislators to progress this historical legislation in both the 86th and 87th Texas legislation sessions.  


In 2020 TPAA expanded its focus to include various Medical issues and Contaminated Water. In July of 2021, Amite Dominick, PhD, former TPAA Vice President and former Professor succeeded Casey Phillips as President. Under Amite’s leadership the organization changed its name to Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA) and broadened its vision to connecting family members and incarcerated individuals and organizations.


TPCA’s Mission Statement

Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA) educates and supports family members, incarcerated individuals and others by connecting them to organizational resources, encouraging awareness, and advocacy for the advancement of humane conditions within the Texas Prisons.

TPCA’s Vision

1. Connecting individuals to organizational resources and support regarding inhumane prison conditions.

2. To hold a TDCJ accountable for the current policy i.e. Heat Directive. (Unfortunately, policy does not always equal practice).

3. Ensure that TDCJ maintains safe and humane standards within all their facilities that promote incarcerated individuals’ wellbeing.

4. Empower and Educate Family members and Incarcerated individuals for Advocacy.

5. Increase public awareness of detrimental prison conditions within TDCJ facilities.


Be the voice for those whose voices are not being heard. We need you to get involved! There are lots of opportunities big and small to help out.



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