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 Texas Prisons Community Advocates (TPCA) is happy you are here!   Please take a good look around to see how you can GET INVOLVED. Fill out a CONTACT FORM to get on our messaging list. And don't forget the RESOURCES TAB. There is so much information there to help you advocate for CHANGE in the Texas prison system.

This morning, TDCJ announced a statewide lockdown of all Texas prison units. Please click below to be redirected to their website for further information 

TDCJ also announced that EVERY unit will be moving to the new mail policy as of today. To learn more about the mail policy, click below to be redirected to that information 

Do you have concerns, or have you received reports from your incarcerated loved one about dangerous issues during the Texas Statewide Lockdown? Are you concerned about retaliation for your loved one? If yes, please use this form to record these issues. Your contact information will NOT be shared. 

Once you have filled out the 
Unity and Reporting form above, let your legislators know what is going on during this lockdown in Texas prisons. This letter is editable, so please add your personal stories.



TPCA believes that no person should have to endure torturous heat, contaminated water, nutritiously lacking food, or medical indifference. 

Education in TDCJ

TPCA believes that education is a path to success and supports TDCJ's mission statment in regards to rehabilitation. We feel that more can be done to help create a path to success for all released from Texas prisons.

Compassionate Release  and MRIS

TPCA believes that population members should be compassionalty released to the care of their family in their final days. People with terminal illnesses are not a threat to society. Furthermore recidivism rates as a person age decrease while the cost of their care increases. 

Solitary Confinement
or Seg

TPCA believes that the practice of solitary confinement is morally wrong, mentally debilitating, social stunting and the use of it must be substantially reduced.

The Solution

TPCA educates and trains families to advocate for their incarcerated loved ones. We educate the general public about inhumane prison conditions through social media and events. We work with lawmakers and policymakers to create positive change in the Texas prison system. 

Explore Below

Get Involved

Impacted Families

It's Story Time

Did you know that 70% of Texas prisons don't have AC? Well now you do. Click play and listen to Teresa talk about her husbands experience, and then click the button below and scroll down a bit  for more videos. 


TPCA, in partnership with FAMM, asks you to challenge your state and federal legislators to #VisitAPrison.

Click on the button below to be directed to a letter action that will be sent to your state and federal legislators. This letter is editable if you would like to add a personal message. 

"Our state and federal prisons are housing too many people who have earned a second chance. Prison conditions are the worst they have ever been. Lawmakers have the power to improve things, but lawmakers don’t know if they don’t go. We challenge all state and federal lawmakers to visit a prison and learn about the problems in our prisons and the people inside who are ready for a second chance."

After you send your letter, take a look at the family guide for more ideas on how you can help spread the word, convince legislators to #VisitAPrison, and make a difference for those that are incarcerated. This issue of prison conditions needs a powerful united voice if a change is to be made for our loved ones. 

Stay Informed

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